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Stones Corner Market

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Stallholders are expected to comply with the following terms and conditions at all times, which are subject to change from time to time, with notification posted via email, website and at the Market Manager Stall.

By booking and paying for a stall at the Stones Corner Markets you are accepting and are bound by these terms and      “Stallholder” - is the operator of the temporary market stall business and any staff, agents, volunteers or minors in their employ or care.   “Market  Staff”  –  is  any  nominated  representative  of  Saber Events or  the Business Entity as appointed by the Market Organiser.  
“Market Organiser” – is the Business Entity (Saber Events Pty Ltd) who is the permit holder and operator of the Stones Corner Market and other markets.

  By agreeing to these stallholder terms and conditions, you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy and agree to your personal details being handled in accordance with that policy.

ARKET STAFF CONTACT DETAILS:   For all general enquiries or escalated issues, please contact the Market Organiser – Jemanda Hannouf, on 07 3901 6578 or email markets@stonescornermarket.com.au  

For on-site issues during market events, please contact the Market Operations Manager in the first instance on 0411 247 714.

STALLHOLDER SITE FEES   Product Category Stall Size (m) Stall Fees  See specific market for stall holder site fees. GST at the current rate of 10% 

Site allocations will be confirmed on the Friday prior to the market and any unpaid sites will be offered to the waiting list and ad-hoc stalls at this time.   Saber Events and Stones Corner Markets reserves the right to change site fees at their discretion, with a minimum of two weeks’ notice.   Payment must be received within 48 hours of receiving our approval email.  

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE   All markets run by Saber Events requires all stallholders to hold a current certificate of currency for Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of $10m.  Applications will not be approved until we have received a copy of the relevant certificate and all stallholders must ensure that a copy is held on their person at each event.  

PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE   Whilst not compulsory, Stones Corner Markets strongly recommends that all stallholders who are selling goods or services take out Product Liability Insurance for a minimum of $10m.

  All businesses that involve the preparation or handling of unpackaged food must provide evidence of a current Food Business License before their application can be approved.   If you are unsure if your business requires a Food Business License, please refer to the Brisbane City Council website here.     Saber Events or any market run by Saber Events accepts no liability for any Stallholder business that fails to renew or comply with their Food Business License and Stallholders agree to indemnify Stones Corner Markets and the Market Organiser (Jemanda Hannouf) against any claims that arise from the activities not in alignment with your Food Business License obligations.  

ABSENCE   Stallholder absences must be notified to the Market Organiser no later than the Wednesday prior to the Sunday event.  Notification must be made by either text, message or email, not by phone. Failure to advise of none attendance may result in the cancellation of your site agreement.  Stall holders will forfeiture of all pre-paid monies

STALL SIZE AND PROVISIONS   Stall fees are based on an individual site space of approximately 3m x 3m or 3m x 6m.  All stallholders must supply their own gazebo and market accessories and all gazebos
MUST BE FITTED WITH WEIGHTED LEGS – stallholders who do not comply with this requirement may be requested to vacate the site and forfeit their site fees.   Stallholders must not fasten a stall or any other object to trees, lamp posts or any other property without the prior consent of the Market Operations Manager.  The cost of rectifying any damage caused to property from unapproved fastening will be charged to the individual stallholder.   Stallholders must not “spread” outside of their designated site allocation without prior approval from the Market Operations Manager.  Unapproved “spread” may incur additional site charges.

. Stall holders will forfeiture all pre-paid monies if they cancel their booking. 

TERMINATION   Stones Corner Markets reserves the right to cancel any stallholder agreement with 1 weeks notice, and at their sole discretion. Termination of a stallholder agreement can be made any point prior to payment.   If Stones Corner Markets terminates a stallholder agreement  after payment,  we  will  refund  all  outstanding payments  for  market  days  not attended unless the termination is for a breach of any of the conditions contained in these terms and conditions. By accepting these terms and conditions, you indemnity Saber Events or any market run by Saber Events, without limit, against any loss of income or expenses incurred due to the cancellation of your site booking.  

BAD WEATHER POLICY   Saber Events operates  a  “rain,  hail  or  shine”  policy, meaning  all  booked stallholders are expected to attend regardless of weather conditions. If a stallholder chooses not to attend they will forfeit their stall fees as market expenses and market promotion will have already been incurred by us prior to the actual market.   Saber Events and any market run by Saber Events reserves the right to cancel an event at their discretion due to dangerous weather conditions. All stallholders will be notified via email, SMS and Website/Facebook post at the earliest possible time and all fees paid for the event will be forfeited. All markets run by Saber Events will not be held liable for any costs incurred by Stallholders who fail to check their email, SMS or the Website/Facebook, thereby missing a notification.  We suggest all stallholders check prior to departure each week, particularly in bad weather conditions.

PRODUCTS FOR SALE   Saber Events and the markets they run aim to provide a wide variety of goods and services to the general public and as such, we do not offer exclusivity in any product category.   However, we are committed to ensuring our stallholders are able to maximise their profits by operating within a varied and competitive marketplace.   All confirmed stallholder bookings are strictly limited to the items as agreed on the booking form.  No alterations may be made to the product mix without the prior written approval of the Market Organiser.  Any stallholders found to be selling goods outside of their agreed product list will be issued with a written warning.  Further offences will result in the termination of the site and forfeiture of any prepaid site fees.   No illegal or counterfeit goods are to be offered for sale.  If stallholders are found to be selling illegal or counterfeit goods, the police will be advised and the stallholder will be immediately terminated from site and all prepaid monies will be forfeited.   Any stallholder selling licensed/branded goods must hold the Intellectual Property rights or permission to sell such products.   Evidence must be signed by the Market Organiser and written approval provided prior to any such goods being offered for sale.   All drinks sold on site must be offered in cans or plastic containers only – no glass bottles are permitted for sale on site.   Management reserves the right to request a stallholder to cease trading any goods or services that are deemed inappropriate.  Failure to comply with this request will result in an immediate termination of the stallholders’ site and forfeiture of any prepaid monies.   Labeling of produce and products must be in accordance with Legislative Guidelines and Regulations. Sampling of any produce or product must comply with Council and Health Regulations. All required licenses must be in place.   All produce must be fresh and of the highest quality. Any scales used for the weighing of produce or products must be accurate and certified as being appropriate for commercial use in accordance with the Weights and Measures Regulations.  

STALLHOLDER CHANGE OF DETAILS   Stallholders must notify the Market Organiser immediately via email of any change in details, including contact details, insurance etc.   Any change in ownership of a stallholder business must be reported to the Market Organiser prior to attendance at any future market event.   The Market Organiser will confirm if continuation of trade will be permitted on application.  Failure to notify the Market Organiser may result in the immediate termination of your site agreement.

  Saber Events runs different markets at different locations, dates and times.   You will be advised of your nominated arrival time 2 days prior to the market. When stallholders are allocated an area they will also be provided with a timeslot to bump in by. Stallholders must arrive between these times however, if they arrive outside their allocated time they will have to walk their stock in. Late arrival may mean you are unable to drive your vehicle onto site and you will have to unload off site – the Market Operations Manager will have the final say in regards to any late arrivals and the safety of vehicles driving on site.   ALL vehicles must be off site before the market commences unless you have been provided with a designated on- site parking area.   Vehicles must not be driven in excess of 10km on site, and all drivers must comply with the instructions of any member of the Market Staff team.   During the designated set up period, any minors attending the site MUST be fully supervised by their parents/guardians and remain within the vehicle or within the designated stallholder site area AT ALL TIMES.  Stallholders who do not comply with this request will be issued with a written warning.   A repeat offence may result in the cancellation of your site booking and forfeiture of all pre-paid monies.   Stones Corner Markets are a family friendly organisation and embrace a culture that includes the whole family – however set up is an extremely dangerous time and the potential for accidents with moving vehicles is high. Saber Events is dedicated to ensuring everyone on site is safe and will strictly enforce the above rule.  Once trading hours have commenced, minors are free to move about the markets at their parents/guardians discretion but remain the responsibility of their parents/guardians at all times.   Vehicles CAN NOT be moved on site between the hours of market operation  –  any stallholder to be found in breach of this will be issued with a written warning and repeat offenders may have their site agreement immediately terminated and forfeit all prepaid monies.

STALLHOLDER PACK DOWN   Stallholders must not pack down their site before the close of trade within the specified time. Pack down commences from the specified times.  Stallholders who have a designated parking space next to their stall may pack down and directly load up their vehicles.  Once ready to vacate the site you must seek the approval of the Market Operations Manager or Market Operations Assistant before you move your vehicle – this is to ensure the safety of everyone on site.  Failure to gain approval before you move your vehicle will result in a written warning and repeat offenders may be terminated from site and forfeit all pre-paid monies.   Stallholders whose vehicles are off site are to pack down their stalls in the first instance.  You may then move your vehicle to the site entry point and await instruction from the Market Operations Manager or Market Operations Assistant as to when you may enter the site.  You must follow the directions of Market Staff AT ALL TIMES.  Alternatively, you may pack down your site and move your belongings to the designated pick up/drop off area outside the main area and load your vehicle off-site.   During the designated pack down period, any minors attending site MUST be fully supervised by their parents/guardians and remain within the vehicle or within the designated stallholder site area AT ALL TIMES.  Stallholders who do not comply with this request will be issued with a written warning.   A repeat offence may result in the cancellation of your site booking and forfeiture of all pre-paid monies.   Saber Events and all markets run by Saber Events are a family friendly organisation and embrace a culture that includes the whole family – however pack down period is an extremely dangerous time and the potential for accidents with moving vehicles is high.  Saber Events is dedicated to ensuring everyone on site is safe and will strictly enforce the above rule.


RKING   Stallholders are not provided with a designated on-site parking space, all stall holders must park their vehicle in the designated carpark only.  

HEALTH AND SAFETY   Saber Events  is  dedicated  to  ensuring  that  everyone  on  our  site,  be  it stallholder, staff, minors or customers, can enjoy a safe and risk free experience.  There will be a  dedicated  Market  Manager  Stall  at mangers discretion,  where  you  can  access  first  aid equipment. The Market Operations Manager should be contacted in the first instance in regards to all incidents on 0411 247 714.   As a stallholder it is essential that you clearly understand your obligations in regards to the health and safety of those who work on site as well as those visiting as a customer.  As such you must:   ·    Ensure all electrical equipment is currently tagged and tested (within the last year) ·    Ensure that your stall is correctly erected, secured and well maintained ·    Ensure that each leg of your stall is fitted with leg weights or sandbags ·    Ensure that any additional awnings, signage, sunshades etc are weighted and secured and are not impeding pedestrian flow ·    Ensure that you do not run any electrical cord across the ground as these constitute a tripping hazard.  If you must use an electrical cord then you must place suitable matting or tape over the cord to minimise tripping hazards. ·    Ensure that any display holders do not protrude beyond your display table and that all display stands are firmly secured ·    If you are utilising your own generator, you must ensure that it is placed in a safe location and must have sufficient firefighting equipment to hand, such as a fire blanket or relevant fire extinguisher ·    Ensure that your activities do not endanger the safety or security of others   In addition to the above, Approved Food Stalls must:   ·    Ensure that any food that is prepared or sold at the markets complies with all the statutory provisions relating to the safe preparation, handling and sale of food ·    If you are using a generator or gas powered equipment you must ensure that you have adequate firefighting equipment at your immediate disposal, such as a fire blanket and relevant fire extinguisher.   Any incidents, accident or damage to any person or property must be IMMEDIATELY reported to the Market Operations Manager on 0411 247 714.   All stallholders must respond cooperatively in regards to any instructions given by any member of the Market Staff team in regards to any health and safety issues.  Failure to follow requests relating to the health and safety of yourself or others on site is a serious breach of these terms and conditions and will result in the stallholders immediate removal from site, termination of site agreement and forfeiture of any pre-paid monies.   ACTIVITIES THAT MAY CAUSE A HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK WILL NOT BE TOLERATED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES   STALLHOLDER OBLIGATIONS   Stones Corner Markets operates within a culture of mutual respect and will not tolerate any behavior on site that is offensive, dangerous, obscene or an annoyance to market staff, fellow stallholders and customers.   Any stallholder that engages in such behavior may be removed from site with immediate effect.   Stallholders  must  operate  within  the  relevant  laws,  regulations,  standards  and  codes applicable to their goods or services at all times.   Stallholders must ensure they comply with, and retain, any required permits or license required by Local, State or Federal authorities at all times.   Stallholders  are  not  permitted  to  utilise  amplified  sound  equipment  at  any  time  unless previously agreed in writing by the Market Organiser.  

FOOD STALLS   All food stalls must have side walls fitted and use a removable floor covering within their site area.

  All stallholders are responsible for the disposal of their own rubbish.  All stall sites should be left free from any rubbish, materials or other foreign objects.  Stallholders must dispose of their rubbish off-site – there are NO WASTE facilities provided for stallholders.  Please do not use the litter bins located throughout the markets as these are for customer waste ONLY.   Any stallholders who use the customer waste bins, leave their rubbish or an unclean site will be charged an additional cleaning fee of $25. Repeat offenders may have their site agreement terminated and forfeit all pre-paid monies.

SMOKING   All markets run by Saber Events are SMOKE FREE, therefore all smoking must be within Brisbane City Council Guidelines. Amongst the market stalls smoking will NOT be permitted.  

ADVERTISING   By accepting these terms and conditions, you consent to Saber Events using your business information and images (photographs and video) in our marketing activities. Such activities may involve sharing your business information and images on social media, using your images in print media or signage.   Approved market stallholders are required to promote the event on their Facebook, Instagram, website and through any internal databases.   If you wish to opt-out you can do so by emailing markets@saberevents.com.au  

STALLHOLDER INDEMNITY   The stallholder agrees, without limitation and including all legal costs, to indemnify and hold harmless:   1.  The Market Organiser, jemanda Hannouf t/a Stones Corner Markets 2.  All authorised employees and representatives of Saber Events t/a Stones Corner Markets, Stones Corner Hotel or Eagle Street Pier from all and any claims for loss arising in connection with or in relation to:  
1. The stallholders occupation of the markets
 2. Any injury, harm or damage suffered by the stallholder or to the stallholder property regardless of the cause of loss or damage · 3. Any damage caused to any property; or death, injury or harm suffered by any person as a direct or indirect consequence (in  whole  or part) of any act or omission by the stallholder, including any damage, death, injury or harm caused by a stallholder vehicle at the markets ·         Stallholder’s cash and stock
4. Any breach of these terms and conditions by the stallholder

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